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An accurate local weather forecast

This model provides localized weather predictions for windsurfing spots in Le Barcarès, offering three key data points: average wind speed, gust speeds, and wind direction. It updates automatically up to four times daily, producing hourly forecasts for a seven-day period, all available via various charts on a 7-days period available on several charts.

how to use it?

The gauges initially display the current prediction and are refreshed automatically every three minutes. Use the timeline bar to view forecasts for different times

How does it work?

The wind reports from a station operated by Winds-Up are long-term compared with outputs from various numerical models. Predictive analytics techniques are applied to enhance these comparisons and provide real-time, improved local forecasts. This method can be adapted for predicting any weather-dependent variable.

Target data source

provides a real-time access to a network of more than 120 anemometers and nearly 40 webcams installed on kitesurf and windsurf spots mainly in France, Spain and Italy. Winds-Up also offers weather forecast from several models on these spots and a unique database of weather records on several years for "big data" analysis.

Terms of use

All data generated by this experimental model are freely available and provided without any warranty.

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The 7-days forecast of the wind is compared with the GFS model raw outputs. The following charts are all in UTC time.


These models are developed using historical weather data, making it essential to continuously validate them against new reports. This ongoing validation not only helps correct predictions but also improves their future accuracy.

Below are charts that illustrate some comparisons between forecasted values and actual observed data:

Arnaud Marty (F43), Cape Point (South Africa), January 2018:

Arnaud Marty, Cape Point, South Africa, January 2018